Gifts are always appreciated but never expected. Thank you for putting the extra effort into our date! 

Contributions towards my education and student loans are particularly appreciated. Please inquire directly for discreet donation methods.

Size Guide

Height: 5’0″
Weight: 100 lbs
Dress: 00 US / XS / 36 IT
Bottoms: 00 US / 36 IT
Shoe: 6 US / 36 EU
Bust: 30DDD / 32DD
Panties: XS / 2
Suspenders: XS / 2
Hosiery: XS


Flower: Red, Black & Gold Roses 

Day Off: Wellness Center or Luxury Spa

Libation: Veuve Cliquot

Succulent Treat: Dark Chocolate

Color: Black

Book: Any poetry! (Best read together in bed)



Spoil your Goddess and you will be rewarded. If you wish to surprise me at our next appointment, tipping generously is always the best way to show your appreciation!

While I absolutely adore luxury indulgences, I’m no longer supporting brands that don’t support a vegan lifestyle. There has been a current trend in fashion that is shifting to Vegan, but they are a bit tricky to find. Of course, if you take the additional time to do extra research that will surely put an everlasting smile on my face. Currently, I am only supporting brands that share my ethics. 

If you’d really love to surprise me, a relaxing day at https://www.thepostoakhotel.com/wellness/spa/ or https://www.houstonian.com/the-spa  is a winning idea!

E-Gift Cards

Perhaps you prefer to brighten my inbox with an e-gesture. Please send all gift cards to [email protected]

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Exclusive updates and announcements direct to your inbox

Copyright @2023 Brooklyn Monroe | All Rights Reserved.

Copyright @2023 Brooklyn Monroe | All Rights Reserved.